Computer Access

Computer Labs

Parkland College provides computer labs of varying sizes that can be utilized by both business and students.  Our computer labs range in size from 12 – 30 computers and facilitate interaction through the use of equipment such as projectors, audio systems and Smart™ interactive systems such as Smart™ Boards, Smart™ Podiums and Smart™ Document Cameras.

Software is unified across all labs and software required for a particular program can be accommodated through the use of our implemented virtual application infrastructure.

Public Access

Student computers are available to students who are wanting to complete homework outside of class.  The software on these computers mirrors that of our labs so you have the same experience in both environments.

If you are wanting to bring your own device to complete homework, Parkland College provides full wireless access at all campuses.  Access is facilitated through the use of guest passes which can be obtained from the front desk.


In-class printing is provided free of charge for all enrolled students.  If you are wanting to print during off-class times you can do so from our public access computers at a cost of 10 cents per page.

Last Updated: May 10, 2012